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We welcome anyone seeking to resolve conflict arising from separation. You need not have seen a lawyer before starting mediation. We will help you if you have a lawyer retained or have just had a consultation. You may consider engaging in mediation after starting a court proceeding to resolve some or all of the issues instead of asking a judge to make your decision for you.

Family Mediation

Family mediation is a voluntary dispute resolution process in which a neutral person facilitates negotiations between parties to help them resolve their dispute. The parties agree upon the ground rules for the mediation and control the outcome. When the parties reach a settlement of their dispute, it is documented in a report which forms the core of a Domestic Contract that is enforceable in court.

Parenting Planning

The focus of a parenting plan is the best interests of the child. We will facilitate your discussion about the plan which best suits your child’s needs so that you reach a right understanding between you about the time your child will spend with each parent, the sharing of holidays, communicating with and about your child and how decisions about your child are made.


Child support and spousal support are often contentious issues when couples separate. The Child Support Guidelines provide for basic child support according to the parenting plan you have made. A right understanding of how child expenses are shared and how the financial needs of the separated couple can be met will be reached with our help.

Property Division

One household becomes two when couples separate. Property which has been acquired during your relationship needs to be divided fairly. We can help you reach a right understanding about the division of property between you, what property each will keep, how debt will be shared and when and how the division can be accomplished in a fair and orderly manner.

Types of Cases

  • Separated spouses with children
  • Separated unmarried parties with children
  • Spouses with no children with property issues
  • Unmarried parties with property
  • Issues involving child support
  • Issues involving spousal support
  • Separated parties who have a lawyer
  • Parties who do not have lawyers
  • Parties who have commenced court applications

Intake Form

Our Mediation Intake Form is designed to gather as much information about you and your situation. The information you provide will remain CONFIDENTIAL and will NOT be disclosed to any party within your dispute. We use the information to identify the issues to be discussed and asses whether mediation is right for you.

Intake Form

Please complete the form to the best of your ability.
Once submitted you will receive an e-mail with instructions on how to proceed.